The Illinois Social Security Disability Lawyer with Your Goals at Heart

For Illinois Social Security disability lawyer Richard I. Feingold, every client is a unique person with unique needs and challenges. He engages each client personally, understanding that a real person with real pain and frustration needs his help.

Mr. Feingold launched his career as an SSI disability attorney because he is familiar with the needs of disabled individuals and the frustrations they deal with every day. He also knows it is frustrating and confusing trying to navigate Social Security’s disability benefits law. His goal is to help disabled clients achieve their goal: an award of disability benefits that relieves the financial and medical stress of their unfortunate situation.

Why Hire Illinois Social Security Disability Lawyer Richard I. Feingold?

The best reason to hire a SSI disability attorney like Mr. Feingold — even if you live somewhere other than Illinois — is his vast experience with disability benefits law, extensive resources, and the personal attention he gives to each and every case. These factors help eliminate the stress commonly involved in applying for disability benefits and usually result in faster, more satisfactory results.

Mr. Feingold gives each of his clients his personal attention, concerned primarily with getting positive results. Though based in Illinois, even clients across the country receive this same level of personal attention: “His willingness to . . . help me when no one else would because they would not get paid enough demonstrates his character and integrity.”

— Charles from Florida

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How We Prove Disability

To prove to the Social Security Administration that you have a legitimate disability worthy of an award of benefits, Illinois Social Security disability lawyer Richard I. Feingold methodically collects and documents evidence and expert testimony that supports your claim. With more than 25 years of experience, Mr. Feingold knows what is needed to establish disability and compiles the evidence needed to prove disability under the law.

When preparing your case, the evidence Mr. Feingold collects may include:

  • Documentation of your injury (if relevant)
  • Documentation of your symptoms
  • Documentation of your impairments’ effects on your ability to work
  • Medical records
  • Physician opinions regarding the extent of your disability
  • Evidence that your impairment meets or equals one or more of the SSA’s “Listings of Impairments” that presumptively prove a person is disabled

More Information:

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