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Chicago Disability Lawyer Richard I. Feingold

Chicago disability lawyer Richard I. Feingold and his Social Security disability and Personal Injury/Accident law firm have over three decades of experience practicing law and helping individuals acquire the disability benefits and personal injury benefits they need.

Illinois disability attorney Richard I. Feingold concentrates his  practice in Social Security Disability law and Personal Injury/Accident law.  We help disabled individuals get the benefits they need and deserve from the Social Security Administration and/or the party responsible for their injuries.

Trying to navigate the disability and and injury claim process on your own is likely to be confusing, time-consuming and FRUSTRATING.

Many people who attempt to apply for benefits on their own end up getting denied — even if they have a serious impairment eligible for significant disability benefits! Chicago disability lawyer Richard I. Feingold has the experience and understanding necessary to give your application the best chance possible of receiving an award of benefits. We give each and every case our personal attention and the time it needs to present a proper claim with the best chance of success.

We can help you . . .

  • Apply for SSI and SSDI disability benefits
  • Obtain past due benefits
  • Request reconsideration of your application if your claim is denied
  • Request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge
  • Take additional steps to receive a favorable decision, if needed.
  • Help you if you’ve been injured in a car accident or other accident

Even if You’ve Been Denied Benefits – We Can Help!

If you applied for and were denied benefits for Social Security disability, our law firm may still be able to help you. The Social Security disability system has four levels of appeals available for individuals who believe they’ve been unjustly denied benefits:

  • Reconsideration of application
  • Hearing before an administrative law judge
  • Appeal to the Appeals Council of the Social Security Administration
  • Federal Court review of the Social Security Administration’s decision

Chicago disability lawyer Richard I. Feingold has a strong track record for turning denials into in awards of disability benefits. If you’ve been denied disability benefits and have a significant impairment, Mr. Feingold may be able to help you appeal your case. For more information about appealing a decision denying benefits, please visit this page of our website: Have You Been Denied?

Getting you the benefits you need and deserve is the most important thing we do.

Our mission is to help individuals with genuine disabilities get the benefits they need and deserve. Illinois disability attorney Richard I. Feingold provides an initial consultation and case evaluation free to all new clients. If you have a significant impairment or several impairments that prevent you from working and are having trouble getting disability benefits, it’s likely that Mr. Feingold’s experience and in-depth understanding of the Social Security system will benefit you. He’ll help you understand your case better, determine the kinds of benefits you may be eligible for, and let you know whether we can help you.

Illinois Disability Attorney Serves His Clients

  • FREE Initial Consultation and Evaluation of Your Case
  • You Pay Nothing Unless We Win PAST-DUE Benefits
  • Dedicated Attorney Who Concentrates His Practice on Representing Claimants in Social Security Disability Claims
  • Over 30 Years of Experience as a Practicing Attorney

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You can find out more about the people we work with on our Who We Help page. For more information about filing a Social Security Disability claim or Personal Injury claim, the disability determination process, and the services available from Chicago disability lawyer Richard I. Feingold, please visit these pages on our site:

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