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There are many people in need in our country — especially right now. Times like these are an important reason why we create social safety nets and low-income organizations and initiatives.

But who fights for those policies and initiatives? Who looks at the needs of the nation and compares them with proposals being put forward by lawmakers, as well as the fiscal impact of those proposals? Who makes sure that existing programs are actually funded and doing their jobs?

The answer to all of these is the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP). 

Founded in 1981 to look at how federal budget decisions impact low-income Americans, the CBPP has since branched out to work with states and even nonprofits in a variety of ways aimed at protecting the financial security of everyone in our country.

Over the decades, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has helped tens of millions of Americans through their efforts to “expand health coverage for millions of parents, children, and low-income adults with disabilities; extend tax credits to millions more working-poor families; and strengthen basic nutrition and housing assistance for low-income families.”

You can learn more about the CBPP on their website, and you can follow them on Facebook.

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