We’re all well aware that justice can be applied differently based upon the color of one’s skin and on how one looks or acts. This is what makes George Floyd’s and others’ deaths so tragic. We are all human beings, and our country should stand for much higher ideals!

At Richard I. Feingold & Associates, P.C., our goal has always been to help individuals in need regardless of their race, sex, gender identity, physical or mental ability, and other differences. We strive to promote love, tolerance, and well-being for all, and never want our clients to feel uncomfortable, defensive, or singled-out because of who they are.

As a Social Security disability and personal injury law firm, we abhor all human suffering. We make it our professional mission to fight for fair and just compensation for those who have experienced the physical and emotional pain of a terrible accident or a debilitating illness.

Many of our clients come to us after suffering significant trauma. They may be the victims of physical, sexual, and emotional assault and abuse. They may have been treated like second-class citizens due to the way they look or speak or the fact that they are differently-abled. For example, we have represented those who were forced to endure the Cambodian and Bosnian genocides.

Please stand with us as we fight for fairness and justice.