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What if the conversation surrounding mental health in our society was as easy as ordering a cup of coffee? Coffee, Hip Hop & Mental Health — otherwise referred to as CHHMH — has exactly that goal.

The founder of CHHMH, Christopher LeMark, wants to bridge the gap that exists between communities and mental health providers. The organization wants to normalize the seeking of therapy for mental health issues, and along the way tackle much larger community issues such as social injustice, mental health challenges, systemic racism, and the overall welfare of communities. Through education, empowerment, and inspiration, CHHMH hopes to help everyone live life to their fullest and meet their potential.

How CHHMH Works

CHHMH functions as a sort of traveling support group. Meetings are held with coffee and music in independent coffee shops. There, therapy options are discussed over coffee. The idea is to help end the stigma surrounding mental health issues through discussion in a casual atmosphere.

Throughout the pandemic, CHHMH has helped to support the communities it serves through food delivery and community organization to ensure people’s basic needs are being met. Please visit the CHHMH website and follow the organization on Facebook and Instagram to see how you can support their important mission.

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