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Right now is a tough time for immigrants and refugees in the United States.

Beyond the everyday struggles of living in a new country, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed extra — and unwarranted — pressure on this community.

That’s why it’s so important to have organizations like the Chinese Mutual Aid Association (CMAA). Their mission is to “serve the needs, promote the interests, and enhance the well-being of low-income immigrants and refugees of all generations and to foster their participation in U.S. society.”

Since 1981, CMAA has grown from an informal group helping Chinese immigrants from Vietnam to a multi-faceted social services agency that has clients from more than 40 countries around the globe. Today, people turn to CMAA for help with healthcare, housing, job skills and placement, senior services, and more.

Like so many other service organizations these days, CMAA is being hit hard by the pandemic and needs help now more than ever. Please visit the CMAA website and follow the organization on Facebook to see how you can support their important mission.