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When a person is living through acute or chronic illness, it’s enough to deal with all the medical necessities. On top of that, many people living in insecure economic brackets experience extra legal complexities, which frequently affect the success of treatment plans. The Legal Council for Health Justice (LCHJ) targets these barriers to good health from all angles, from social to economic to environmental, in reflection of their mission statement: 

“Everyone deserves a fair chance to lead a life of dignity and opportunity.” 

Since 1987, under various monikers, LCHJ has devoted itself to connecting directly with clients in need. They do so by working with doctors and other health practitioners who see patients on a daily basis. On the Legal Council’s advice, providers screen for social determinants of health, including:

  • Unaffordable health insurance or prescriptions
  • Unstable housing
  • Unsteady income
  • Lack of access to food

When patients get connected to the Legal Council for Health Justice, they get connected to a network of lawyers, advocates, and organizations that are fighting for their rights. 

This extends to the systemic level, where LCHJ works to change policies that obstruct access to basic needs – which in turn affect a person’s health and healthcare.

The Legal Council for Health Justice will work to find the best real-world solution for every person who walks through their door. 

To learn more about this Chicagoland legal nonprofit, visit their website.


Richard I. Feingold
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