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It is important to remember to file for all Social Security disability benefits, which may include SSI disability benefits

For example, when filing online, many folks forget to check off the box asking if they want to file for SSI disability benefits. This can be a big mistake!

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There are many factors that go into determining the benefits to which you may be entitled

Your Disability Insurance Benefit (DIB) amount is often called the PIA or Primary Insurance Amount.  It may be well over the maximum monthly SSI disability benefit amount.  The maximum SSI disability benefit for the year 2017 is $735 per month ($750 per month in 2018).  Still, it may be wise to file for SSI disability benefits because you may be eligible for SSI disability benefits during the five month DIB waiting period.

Whether you are eligible for SSI during the DIB waiting period depends upon the determined onset date of your disability as well as your disability application date. In some cases, although a claimant may be eligible for DIB, their benefit amount is less than the current monthly SSI disability benefit. In this situation, if you do not file for SSI, you may be missing out on extra monthly benefits!

There may be yet another reason to file for SSI. It has to do with your “Date Last Insured (DLI)” for Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB).  In DIB claims, the DLI is the date by which you have to establish that your disability started in order to be eligible for DIB benefits.  Your disability may not have begun until after the Date Last Insured.  Or, the Social Security  Administration may amend your onset date to after your DLI.  If you do not also have an SSI disability claim on file, then you may not be entitled to any benefits.

Keep in mind that for SSI disability benefits, there are income and resource limitations. This is because SSI is a financial-needs based disability program.  Click on this link for more information about SSI disability or click here.

Please consider all possible disability claims when filing for disability.   Be sure to check with an attorney to make sure that all of your bases are covered.