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Volunteers of America is a ministry-based nonprofit that has been dedicated to supporting America’s most vulnerable groups for over 125 years. This remarkable organization has hundreds of human service organizations nationwide. 

Affordable housing, healthcare, and mental and behavioral support are just some of the services provided by VOA. Their services are administered by both paid employees and staff, plus generous volunteers. 

Their mission is to ensure veterans, at-risk youth, the elderly, homeless, disabled, and those recovering from addiction or recently released from prison all have the support and compassion they deserve.

The Mission of Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America is a “church without walls,” meaning its mission is a ministry of service dedicated to helping those in need. VOA is one of the nation’s most comprehensive human services charities – and one of the largest providers of quality affordable housing. 

Individuals, communities, and families are all eligible for VOA programming. Volunteers of America also serves over 27,000 veterans and their families who are homeless or at risk, ensuring they receive the resources they need. 

VOA Services

Some of the programming offered by Volunteers of America, includes:

  • Assistance for People with Disabilities
  • Affordable Housing
  • Veteran Support (including Moral Injury)
  • Services for Substance Abuse Disorders
  • Services for the Elderly 
  • Basic Needs Assistance
  • Homelessness Support Services
  • Family-Focused Treatment
  • Behavioral and Mental Health Services
  • Correctional and Re-Entry Services
  • Children, Youth, and Family Programs
  • Community Outreach and Investment Programs

Nationwide Support

Volunteers of America works closely with other nonprofit and human services organizations nationwide. And through collaborating with businesses and local, state, and federal government officials, they successfully advocate for those who need it the most.

Their website can help you find a VOA office and support near you. 

Learn More About VOA

If you want to learn more about the mission of Volunteers of America, receive support through access to services, or get involved, explore their website or sign up for their email newsletter.

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