Nationwide and Illinois Social Security Disability Claims Case Studies & Success Stories

Illinois Social Security disability claims attorney Richard I. Feingold has a quarter-century of experience helping clients in Illinois and across the nation in filing Social Security disability claims, winning a successful disability determination, and receiving disability benefits.

Below you’ll find several examples of success stories our clients have experienced, often overcoming challenging circumstances, such as impairments that are difficult to prove, in order to win awards of badly needed benefits.

We hope you’ll find inspiration and understand the importance of persisting in your disability claim. You’ll also see the importance of having an experienced lawyer on your side when filing a Social Security disability claim. Illinois Social Security disability attorney Richard I. Feingold knows how the Social Security Administration decides (SSA) claims and helps you maximize your chances of prevailing in your claim.

Nationwide Success Stories from Illinois Social Security Disability Lawyer
Richard I. Feingold

Benefits won for Ohio Woman Disabled by Multiple Sclerosis

Mr. Feingold helped his client win years of past due benefits plus ongoing monthly benefits for her and her family. Despite a significant award of past due benefits and potential future benefits, the amount withheld for attorney fees amounted to less than 5 percent of the past due benefits actually awarded to the claimant for attorney fees. This is because the fee agreement process approved by the Social Security Administration puts a cap on disability legal fees.

Victory in Federal Appeal Yields New Hearing and Benefits – No Fees Paid by Client

Mr. Feingold won a client’s Motion for Summary Judgment in a federal court appeal of the client’s disability determination. As a result of the favorable federal court action, the claimant secured another hearing and eventually won disability benefits. Fees for the federal court work by Mr. Feingold were paid by the government under the Equal Access to Justice Act.

Hearing and Benefits Won for Client Repeatedly Denied Hearing by SSA

Disabled by severe migraine headaches, a displaced New Orleans resident had moved numerous times and requested a hearing several times, but the request were dismissed by the SSA every time. Mr. Feingold finally got him the hearing he needed and deserved. Through the hearing, the client won disability benefits back to 1999.

Proved Disability and Won Benefits For a Texas Woman with Ankylosing Spondylitis

Mr. Feingold assisted a Texas client who had been suffering greatly from pain and depression caused by ankylosing spondylitis in filing a Social Security disability claim. Ankylosing spondylitis is a debilitating illness that is sometimes difficult to prove. Despite the difficulty of the claim, Illinois Social Security disability attorney Richard I. Feingold successfully secured a disability determination and an award of disability benefits for the client.

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