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The past year has been a challenging one for millions of Americans, but perhaps especially hard for new immigrants. The COVID-19 pandemic, an increase in racially targeted violence across the country, and the outcries of various anti-immigration groups have made for a less-than-hospitable environment for refugees seeking solace in the United States.

This is why organizations like Asian Human Services are more valuable now than ever before. Founded in 1978, the organization has grown exponentially and is devoted to providing immigrants and refugees of all backgrounds much needed comprehensive support and services.

Serving the greater Chicago area, AHS provides personalized support in the areas of health, employment, and education to strengthen the lives of immigrants and their communities.

Both Asian Human Services and similar organizations, such as the CMAA, rely on grants, donations, and the support of generous donors. During challenging times, organizations like these can truly make all the difference in the lives of people who need them.

As you consider the impact of Asian Human Services, also consider how you may be able to support their efforts and mission. Visit their website here to learn more.